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The Cootamundra Development Corporation (CDC) is a not-for-profit corporation that assists local businesses, organisations, community groups and individuals in the Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council area by providing promotion, support, information and resources to all.

The CDC was founded in 1980. Its activities have changed over time, but the Corporation has always been dedicated to the development of a thriving local business and community environment. We are continually looking to improve the way we engage our members and community.

The CDC hosts the Cootamundra Centrelink Agency which provides an invaluable resource for Cootamundra residents to access to Services Australia agencies such as Centrelink, Medicare, Job Search and Veteran Affairs. Services include the Services Australia linked computers and telephones; free Wi-Fi; provisions to access and lodge forms; identity verification; assistance in completing forms; referrals to specialist services and general advice and assistance. This agency is extremely beneficial to our aged pensioners without access to computers and the internet.

The CDC also offers secretarial services to all current members, all community groups and Cootamundra residents needing resources. These services include but are not limited to: development of promotional material, access to faxing and photocopying.

CDC Vision

To be a strong and vibrant body that promotes and develops positive business and community relationships, knowledge and opportunities within the Cootamundra area.

CDC Mission

To develop and promote business and community groups and events throughout the Cootamundra Gundagai Regional Council area and throughout the wider New South Wales and Australia.

To create a business resource centre capable of providing all local businesses with the best information, advice and resources available.



  • To promote businesses and organisations across the Cootamundra Gundagai regional area
  • To provide networking opportunities for businesses and individuals
  • To encourage and support professional development, both of local business professionals and CDC staff
  • To provide training opportunities and improved knowledge for business owners and organisations. Key direction and objective CGRC Tourism and Economic Development Strategy – strategy 2.4a: Develop and implement strategies which increase the knowledge, skills and health of our local workforce.
  • To build pride and unity of our local community members through events and celebrations
  • To keep the Cootamundra-Gundagai community informed of local events happening locally
  • Maintaining up to date business and community group lists and contacts
  • Provide access to Centrelink Services for our residents
  • Establishing a strong working relationship with the appropriate council staff with the aim of working together to build a vibrant business community and stronger community sector


Our Action Plan

  • Continued promotion of Cootamundra businesses and community groups
  • Regular meetings and social events to provide networking opportunities (including guest speakers)
  • Support of local business and their specific initiatives, and promotion of their successes
  • Training events, such as Seminars and Workshops
  • Monthly Electronic Newsletters to all Cootamundra businesses
  • Industry specific newsletter and information distribution when appropriate
  • The distribution of business resources information
  • Recognition of dedication of services in the form of presenting the Cootamundra Annual Business Awards
  • Referral and connection to relevant advice services when requested
  • Organisation and promotion of The Wattle Time Parade and Fair Festival community event
  • Christmas Street Carnival and Shop Local Christmas promotion and
  • Support and promotion of community group events and achievements
  • Informing the community of local events and happenings within the Cootamundra area through the popular Community Calendar.
  • Access to NSW Business Chamber Events and Information
  • Access to advice, tools, products and services and professionals from the NSW Business Chamber
  • Support of and representation on committees working towards positive outcomes for Cootamundra

2020 - 2021 Board of Directors

Richard Turnbull – Chairperson

Jo Tomkies – Treasurer

Jamie Hall 

Tracey Ewings 

Melinda Chambers 

Nina Piotrowicz

Councillor representatives – Cr Leigh Bowden and Cr Craig Stewart


CDC Staff

Leah Sutherland –  Manager

Gwen Norman – Project Officer

Jessica Penrith – Administration Assistant


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