We live, work and play in the town that we love!!

 Whether you come to Cootamundra to live, work or just visit, there is always plenty to do and see. You can take a pleasant stroll around the many beautiful parks or follow any number of walking trails around town.

Check out the ‘Things To Do’ page for some great ideas.

Did you know Cootamundra has the oldest Golf Club in NSW, since 1895!

There is always plenty to do in Coota, with public swimming pools, tennis corts, squash courts, a welcong ex services club and so much more.

family medCootamundra Shire, consisting of Cootamundra and the villages of Stockinbingal and Wallendbeen, has a combined population of around 7,500 people who have chosen to live here because of the community spirit, the affordable lifestyle, the natural setting, the different choices of rural, residential, village or town living, the retail, health, education and cultural services, the prosperous economy and easy access to Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, the mountains, the outback and the coast.

Our distance from overdevelopment has protected our town and our people from change for change sake, preserving the things that matter most to all of us – a sense of belonging in a place that is caring and supportive, where you can feel safe and sleep soundly at night. We have the time for each other because we still have a country lifestyle community.

In Cootamundra you are not just close to your neighbours, you are also close to the land itself. You can see the peaceful countryside at the end of every street, gently reminding you of just how far you are from the dehumanising stresses and pressures of big city life. It is the simple but priceless attributes that make us proud that we are like towns used to be.

Come and experience life the way it is meant to be lived. Come to Coota.

Enjoy a healthy, active outdoor life
If you like your sport you will love it here. Sport is in our blood (some say it is in the water) and it is played all the time, all year ‘round. We have well organised and managed clubs and teams, competitions, playing fields, courts and courses of every kind, so if you can think of it, you can do it here. When we are not playing we are walking and jogging around the place. All the facilities and services for your health, comfort and security can be found here.

Young families and older people in particular, need good health services and they are well cared for in Cootamundra. We have an established hospital with a helipad for flights to major cities, mental health care, community nursing, a large medical centre with a wide range of services, chemists, dentists and physiotherapists to provide for everyone’s health needs.

It’s quiet, serene and pretty
The first thing you notice here, especially at night, is just how tranquil it is. It’s not soundless (the birds and kids make sure of that) just pleasantly softened by the trees lining our streets, the many parks, and the surrounding countryside of our pretty valley.

Getting Here